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  • No Free Bonus & Very ExpensiveReal phentermine is very expensive, and you will spend more money and times to visit your doctor.
  • Doctor Prescription RequiredYou will need to visit your doctor and ask for prescription for phentermine.
  • Not Contains Any Fat Burning IngredientsPhentermine does not contain any fat burning ingredients, so it won't help you to burn body fat.
  • Appetite SuppressantPhentermine is an appetite suppressant drug.
  • FDA ApprovedFDA approved for short-term overweight treatments.
  • China or Indian MadeMost of Phentermine selling online are imported from China or India, so no guarantee for quality and safety.
  • VariesNot working on everybody.


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  • 12 Powerful Ingredients in 1 FormulaAdiphene contains 12 powerful ingredients in one formula. It is a Fat metabolizers, Fat binders, Appetite reducers and Thermogenic boosters and Stimulants.
  • FDA ApprovedProduced in FDA regulated lap in California, USA.
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Knowing Phentermine History

What is Phen-Fen?

Phen-Fen was a popular weight-loss aid in the 1990’s that combines Phentermine and fenfluramine – two drugs known to assist with rapid weight loss. The drug was taken off the market in 1997 when the FDA determined Phen-Fen posed a high risk of heart problems concerning the failure of critical valves. Several hundred or more patients using Phen-Fen died of heart problems developed while taking the popular drug.

What is Fenfluramine?

Fenfluramine was first put on the market in the 1970’s as a weight-loss aid. The drug never become widely popular, though, due to the relatively small increase in weight-loss Fenfluramine provided alone. Additionally, the medical community raised concerns with substances such an Phen-Fen when a similar product, Aminorex, proved to carry a substantial risk of a fatal lung condition known as pulmonary hypertension.


 Where Does Phentermine Fit In?

phentermine drugsIn the 1990s Fenfluramine was combined with Phentermine and marketed as Phen-Fen: A breakthrough in weight-loss. Phentermine is classified as an amphetamine (stimulants which work on the body’s central nervous system). To be specific, Phentermine works by suppressing the individual’s appetite by stimulating the hypothalamus – the brain’s main regulatory gland. This signals the hypothalamus to release certain chemicals in the brain that trick the body into feeling a decrease in appetite. This greatly aids in weight loss for many of those who use Phentermine as prescribed. Although Phen-Fen is no longer used, Phentermine is still a popular prescription drug for weight loss.

Phentermine is not a quick-fix to obesity. Proper nutritional dietary guidelines and an appropriately paced exercise routine are necessary in conjunction with the use of Phentermine or other appetite suppressants to achieve weight loss. You should consult your physician in order to establish the best weight-loss strategy for you, and to determine whether Phentermine should be a part of that strategy.


 What are the Risks Associated with Diabetics Using Phentermine?

As with any prescription medication, Phentermine by buy-phentermine.org should be taken only as prescribed by your physician. Phentermine has many side effects in general, and some specific side effects for those with diabetes. Phentermine can have a substantial effect on blood glucose levels which may require an adjustment in one’s insulin regime. Diabetics using appetite suppressants like Phentermine need to closely monitor their blood sugar and report changes to their physician. Other common side effects of using Phentermine or another similar amphetamine to aid weight loss include:

  • Phentermine side effects headachDizziness or light-headedness
  • Anxiety and increased emotional sensitivity
  • Dry mouth, sometimes called “cotton mouth”
  • Rapid heart rate or an increase in heart rate
  • Elevation in Blood Pressure
  • Phentermine is physically and mentally habit-forming
  • Amphetamines can cause impaired thinking
  • Slowed reaction time
  • Complications for pregnant and nursing mothers

Because of the many risks known to be associated with the use of Phentermine and the potential for change in blood sugar levels, individuals with diabetes should be particularly cautious while using amphetamines and need to be closely monitored by a health care professional.

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