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What is Adipex-P?

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more popular or more effective weight loss drug out there these days than phentermine, and of all the phentermine medications you can choose from you’ll have a hard time finding one as popular as Adipex-P. This medication is not only used effectively to treat obesity but it’s also

What is Duromine?

If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, and if you’ve already begun to implement the basics for healthy weight loss (including changing your diet and incorporating regular exercise into your life) than you could be a good candidate for some sort of weight loss medication. One of the more popular and effective

What is Ionamin?

There are a lot of different weight loss medications out there, but none are as popular or have shown themselves to be as effective as medications based in the drug phentermine. One of the more popular medications that utilizes phentermine are the little yellow capsules called Ionamin. If you’re looking for an effective and relatively

Phentermine without Prescription

Since it was first recognized phentermine has been a prescription drug since it was first approved by the FDA over five decades ago. The reason why the drug is controlled is easy to understand- phentermine is a powerful amphetamine with addictive qualities and dangerous interactions with other drugs. Still, it remain widely popular and available

Phentermine Alternatives

While Phentermine is an incredibly powerful weight loss drug, not everyone wants to take it and there are plenty of people who actually can’t take it. These people aren’t completely lost though, as there are some very effective phentermine alternatives out there which often work just as effectively, without any of the potential negative side

Phentermine Dosing Information

Like all controlled substances, phentermine is powerful and potentially dangerous if taken in the wrong dosage. Taking too little of the drug can result in a lack of success with your weight loss goals, while taking too high of a dose can lead to potentially serious and life-threatening side effects. The key to making sure

How Should I Take Phentermine?

Phentermine is a powerful and effective drug, and like all drugs it needs to be taken responsibly and in strict accordance with the instructions you receive from your doctor. It’s crucial that you don’t change the dosage, even to make it smaller than your doctor recommends, and it’s just as important that you don’t take

Who Can Take Phentermine?

Even though it’s the most widely prescribed weight loss drug on the market, phentermine isn’t for everyone. Millions of people have been able to lose dramatic amounts of weight through the help of the drug, but just as many had to find alternate routes because they weren’t suitable to safely take the drug. Some of

What is Phentermine HCL?

Phentermine is one of the most prescribed weight loss ingredients on the market, with some research estimating a full 50% of all weight loss prescriptions written are for some form of phentermine based drug. While there are many different drug manufacturers putting out phentermine based medications, the majority of these drugs are very similar to

Types of Phentermine

The name phentermine doesn’t refer to any one specific drug. Instead, the name is shorthand for the phenyl-tertiary-butylamine drug. There are a lot of different phentermine based drugs on the market, and the difference between these drugs is often one of dosage and other supporting and active materials included within them. While you’ll often just

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