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6 Ways to get a sexy tummy

6 Ways to get a sexy tummy

There are few people in the world who are not interested in getting that picture perfect sexy tummy! If you have been contemplating how to begin this weight loss and toning journey, we can help. Below we have 6 sure fire ways to take an out of shape tummy and turn it into those 6-pack abs we all crave.

  1. get Sexy tummyYour Diet: in the very beginning it is essential to take a close look at your diet. If you have excess tummy fat than cutting calories, reducing processed foods and increasing natural and high in nutrient foods will be your first step. Sugary and caffeinated drinks can be the biggest contributor to excess belly fat and cutting these from your diet and increasing your water intake may be all you need to get on track, diet wise.
  2. Calorie Counting: men and women alike need to keep track of the calories they take in during the day if they are interested in obtaining those 6-pack abs. Metabolic calculators can be found online to help you determine how many calories you should be in taking in a day. From here, create a log or an online file to track the calories you take in as you eat them. This can help you really see where you are heading off track with your diet and nutrition.
  3. Cardio: it is well known that cardio workout options such as running, swimming and biking help you burn maximum amounts of calories. You will want to gradually work yourself from your current cardio threshold, whatever they may be, and increase it 2-fold in order to get the most of this aspect of your training.
  4. The Bosu: if you are not familiar with the Bosu, this is a very popular and successful form of core training. A Bosu is basically half an exercise ball with a firm plastic base which allows you to stand on the Bosu with all your weight, without worrying about breaking the product. This type of balance core training can really take you from a flabby stomach to a tight mid-section.
  5. The Medicine Ball: medicine balls ranging from 5-10lbs can be incredible simple at home tools to help you build your core strength and burn that excess fat fast! An exercise called the wood chop is perfect for building those sexy abs. You simply stand with your feet hip width apart with the medicine ball over your hand. Bend down in a squat and rotate the medicine ball to your right ankle, then return to the beginning position. Simple yet effective!
  6. Appetite Suppressants: if you are having problems getting your diet on track and losing those excess pounds, a certified and safe diet suppressant may be the answer for you.

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