About Us is devoted to not only providing you with all of the accurate and up to date information that you might require and desire about the drug phentermine, but it is also devoted to making sure you are well aware of the many effective and safe over-the-counter alternatives to phentermine available on the market these days.

Our website has been live since 2009 and we work hard to continue to provide the best and most valuable information we can on the weight loss drugs industry and the alternatives provided by outside providers. We take the privacy and security of our visitors extremely seriously, and aim to act in as upstanding and helpful a manner at all times. We won’t needlessly share your information, we don’t store any information we don’t need to improve your experience with the site, and we will NEVER sell your information to a third party. We respect your privacy, especially around such a delicate matter.

Not only is this industry and this matter delicate but it’s also one filled with a lot of misinformation. It’s an unfortunate truth that there are many website owners and weight loss product providers out there who are only in it to make a few quick bucks. They’re only interested in the short term gain and are willing to sell out their users and throw them under the bus to make some cash.

That’s not us. We’re absolutely devoted to being honest and upfront about the pros and the cons of the phetermine and weight loss industries. We aren’t going to gloss over the potentially dangerous side effects of these drugs just to get you to click on an advertiser or buy one of the products we recommend. The weight loss drug field is serious and providing incorrect or inappropriate information can cause significant problems in the lives and health of our readers. We understand this, and we take what we do seriously.

While we clearly feel that phentermine alternatives provide the best way to lose weight and stay healthy, we still provide lots of information about phentremine because we know that at the end of the day it’s YOUR decision to make regarding your body and your health. We would never tell you what to do, we simply want to help you make the best decision you can, taking all of the relevant information into effect.

If there’s anything that you’d like to see on this website, any information that you feel would help you out that we’re currently missing, than we welcome you to get in contact with us. Shoot us questions, concerns and tips for improvement that you might think up. Remember that at the end of the day the weight loss puzzle is one that we’re all in together, so let’s help each other as best and as thoroughly as we can.


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