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More about Phentermine and Insomnia

Phentermine is used usually for supplementing weight loss programs as it works as an appetite suppressing content. It is therefore very casually taken by prescription of course and turns out to be sold and purchased widely for its weight losing abilities. The phentermine content also causes insomnia which people do not know sometimes until they

Phentermine and Fertility: Are They Related?

Phentermine is a very potent drug given under certain clinical conditions. It is seen that people who have not been able to reduce weight with the other traditional methods of weight loss, benefit a lot from it. But is it related to fertility in any ways? What is Phentermine? When we talk about the prescription

Phentermine Side Effects

Phentermine is a drug that’s not without its controversies. The worst of these came about a number of years ago when the drug received a lot of bad press due to a potentially fatal lung condition it produced when taken in conjunction with fenfluramine. This combination, called “Phen-fen”, was popular and effective, but was also

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