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Exercise to lose belly fat

Exercise to lose belly fat

The truth about abdominal training is that it requires a great deal of imagination. It does not take long to become bored with your traditional crunches and this is where imagination and planning becomes important in order to keep moving forward. Check out some of these abdominal training exercises below and incorporate a different one into your workout every week.

  1. exercise to lose belly fatThe bicycle has become one of the most popular abdominal exercises for both men and women today. It is Pilates based but one that requires a great deal of abdominal control and strength to complete properly. No matter what your skill level this is the exercise to advance your abdominal strength and fast! You begin lying flat on the floor with your knees bent at a 90degree angle and your feet straight ahead and off the ground. Bring your opposite elbow to your opposite knee, slightly raising your shoulders off the ground just as in a traditional crunch. Switch sides and then repeat.
  2. Next, don’t forget about utilizing the bosu which can be found at your gym or purchased to be used within your home. Traditional crunches can be taken to the next level when done on the bosu. You can also conduct a version of the bicycle on the bosu using your hands to steady you from behind and cycling your legs consistently for 2minutes at least without touching them to the ground. Lastly, back extensions may not seem like an abdominal workout but they work the abdominal muscles that are often overlooked in traditional exercises. Lay with your stomach flat on the bosu, hands at the side of your head and use your abdominals to lift you up to stretch those back muscles and extend your oblique muscles as well.
  3. The use of the medicine ball is a great tool to take your abdominal training to the next level. You can find medicine balls in a variety of different weights to help you progress slowly and safely. Abdominal twists are incredibly effective and easy for anyone to do no matter what their fitness level. Sit up on the floor with your feet flat out in front of you. Slightly lean back so you can feel your abs keeping you in position and take the medicine ball and twist back and forth from side to side keeping your eye always on the ball so you don’t strain your neck during the process. As this exercise gets easier, increase the weight of your medicine ball so there is always strain.
  4. Traditional crunches are always good to incorporate but many people tire of these easily and quickly so use them sparingly in order to keep your workout unique every time.

If exercises are not enough to get you to the results you’re looking for, a diet fat burner may be able to boost your performance. By using the combination of fat burner and healhy diet plan and exercising will help you to lose belly fat faster.

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