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What Should I Do if I Miss a Dose of Phentermine?

If you miss a dose of phentermine than you need to take the dose as quickly as possible. If you remember that you missed a dose and you will need to take the next dose soon, than skip the missed dose and return to your normal drug schedule.

Under no circumstances should you ever take two doses of phentermine at one time.


What Should I Do if I Take a Phentermine Overdose?

A phentermine overdose can be fatal, so it’s important you immediately contact a medical professional if you suspect you’ve taken too much of the drug. An overdose can occur once or over time. If you begin to slowly exhibit and suffer from any of the drug’s side effects than you need to immediately contact your doctor to discuss how to proceed.


How Long Can I Take Phentermine?

Phentermine was designed to only be used for relatively short periods of time. Generally speaking phentermine produces the best effects within a few weeks of use. The longer you use phentermine the less powerful its effects will be (unless you take it with another drug to prolong its effects, such as Prozac) and the more likely you will form an addiction to the drug.

That being said the length of time you should take phentermine is ultimately up to the doctor who writes your prescription. If you are under doctor’s supervision, continue to lose weight and not develop any side effects, than it’s possible you can stay on phentermine for extended periods of time.


Do I Need a Doctor’s Prescription to Buy Phentermine?

Yes, phentermine is a powerful controlled substance and has required a doctor’s prescription since it was first approved by the FDA in 1959. There are, however, phentermine alternatives which produce similar effects yet don’t require prescriptions.


What is Phentermine 15mg? What is Phentermine 30mg? What is Phentermine 37.5mg?

All three of these are simply different prescription doses of the phentermine weight loss drug. The dosage that you will take will depend on a number of factors and will be decided by your doctor. Some people find that smaller doses are enough to produce enough of an appetite suppressing effect, while others require higher doses of the drug to see the results they desire.


Is Phentermine and Amphetamine?

Phentermine is in fact an amphetamine, but that doesn’t mean it should be considered in the same breath as “speed” or other street drugs. Amphetamines are simply drugs that produce higher levels of alertness and attention, which increase your focus and which greatly reduce tiredness and appetite. It’s the appetite suppressing nature of phentermin that makes it an effective weight loss drug.


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