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Is Phentermine Safe to Use?

Is Phentermine Safe to Use?

Is phentermine safeIt’s inarguable at this point that the weight loss drug phentermine is effective. The drug was first approved by the FDA in the 1950’s, and since then has been used by many patients to lose excess fat and battle obesity. To this day phentermine is the most popular and widely prescribed weight loss drug on the market, accounting for over half of all diet pill prescriptions written in the US alone. Still, while the drug is certainly effective there are many people who hold some valid concerns over the drug’s safety and who wonder- is phentermine safe to use?


Phentermine is a Controlled Drug

First things first- phentermine is a powerful drug, and all powerful drugs bring with them a certain level of risk. Phentermine is an amphetamine, the classification of drugs that includes speed and other dangerous, illegal drugs. Like many other amphetamines phentermine is potentially habit forming and contains a number of addictive qualities. Anyone who’s had any sort of substance abuse history is vulnerable to develop an addiction to phentermine.


Some People Can’t Take Phentermine

There are other whole groups of people for whom phetermine is unsafe to take. While there hasn’t been any direct correlation proven between phentermine and birth defects, the drug is still unsafe to take if you are pregnant or nursing. Children 16 years and younger aren’t allowed to take the drug, neither are seniors. Individuals who have a body mass index lower than 30 are generally not allowed to take phentermine, though under special circumstancs individuals with a BMI of 27 or higher are allowed if they suffer from other pre-existing conditions that are treated by the drug.


Phentermine and Mental Illness

Individuals who have pre-existing mental problems are also unable to take phentermine safely. That’s because phentermine is known to produce and exacerbate a wide range of mental problems. On the far end of the spectrum healthy individuals taking phentermine have been known to begin to hallucinate or to develop psychosis. The drug is also known to produce lesser mental conditions within individuals prone to them such as insomnia, nervousness and anxiousness, unexplained euphoria, manic depression, confusion and dizziness. Phentermine is also unsafe to take when you’re prone to physical conditions such as convulsions, making the drug unsafe to take if you regularly operate heavy material or otherwise work in dangerous conditions.


Phen-fen and Drug Safety

One of the biggest conditions under which phentermine isn’t safe to take is in conjunction with a variety of other medications and drugs. These combinations can, in some instances, produce fatal conditions such as damaged heart valves and lungs. This is best epitomized by the combination of phentermine and fenfluramine, the Phen-fen combination that caused massive health problems in the mid to late 90’s.

So is phentermine safe to use? For a wide variety of people the drug is never safe to use, and for the others there are serious side effects to potentially contend with. For most people, it’s better to use a phentermine alternative. These alternative drugs provide the same level of weight loss effectiveness as phentermine or even better.


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