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Phentermine and Prozac

Phentermine and Prozac

prozac and phentermine interactionsFirst, you should know about phentermine. Well it is a type of drug, which deduces your desire for food. In way affecting the central nervous system. However, obese people can take this without hesitation irrespective of the fact that you are not having high blood pressure, diabetes, and high level of cholesterol. You should take this medicine as prescribed by the doctor and do not linger more than the time recommended.

Coming to Prozac, it is a type of antidepressants that do affect the brain system and cause severe depression, anxiety and other abusive symptoms. You need to be very careful while taking an antidepressant. Initially you might think of ending your life that is why it is necessary that you are more than 24 years of age. Moreover, you need to visit the doctor on a regular basis for the first 12 weeks while you are in the course of taking the medicine.

Facts about Phentermine:

  • You should take this medicine just before having the breakfast or just two hours after having the breakfast.
  • You can take the phentermine by simply putting that in the mouth. Refrain from chewing the tablet instead try to dissolve it in your mouth only.
  • If you are an insomniac, you should take this medicine just early in the morning. However, do not take this after 6 pm.
  • You should definitely contact the doctor in case if the medicine is not working well for you. In a way if it increases the rate of appetite. Well abstain from taking higher doses of the medicine because it might make you to face serious side effects.
  • You should remember to take this medicine for a short span only.
  • Moreover, remember that you should not discard the intake all of a sudden because it might cause some uncertain problems in your health as well.
  • You should get a clear idea regarding the withdrawal symptoms of the medicine.


Facts about Prozac:

  • You should take the medicine as prescribed by the physician. Do not hook on taking larger or higher doses instead take the limit option, which recommended.
  • Well Prozac might take 4 weeks to make you recover all kinds of problem. However, you should ask the doctor to change the course if no improvement observed.
  • It is actually taken to improve the premenstrual disorder, In case you are in the cycle of menstruation, then do not consume this. You should have it just 14 days before your period starts.
  • You should not take tryptophan while taking this medicine.
  • While taking this medicine, make sure that you do not have a habit of drinking because it increases the side effects of the medicine.
  • You can see that overdose of this medicine might cause fainting, nausea, headache, fever, confusion, increased heartbeat.
  • While driving you need to be very alert because this medicine creates illusion as well.

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