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Phentermine Dosing Information

Phentermine Dosing Information

Like all controlled substances, phentermine is powerful and potentially dangerous if taken in the wrong dosage. Taking too little of the drug can result in a lack of success with your weight loss goals, while taking too high of a dose can lead to potentially serious and life-threatening side effects. The key to making sure you have the success you desire with phentermine is to take the correct dosage at all times, which requires following a few simple steps.


Follow What Your Doctor Recommends

phentermine doseThe very first thing you need to understand about taking phentermine is the fact that the right dosage you need to take is the dosage that your doctor recommends. Due to the popularity of the drug, there’s a very good chance that your doctor has had a lot of experience and success prescribing it to patients in the past, so it’s important you listen to his or her advice and follow it precisely. This is especially true if you are taking other drugs at the same time as your dosage may be adjusted by your doctor to avoid any complications and negative interactions between the two. That being said it’s still a good idea to have some idea of what standard levels of dosing phentermine are so that you can understand why your doctor is prescribing the levels they write for you.

It’s also important to realize that adults and children tend to require different phentermine dosage levels.


Adult and Children Phentermine Doses

On average adults are given 8mg of phentermine orally three times a day. These doses of the drug are generally taken before each meal, about a half hour before eating. Phentermine isn’t always taken this way, as more and more of these drugs are taken first thing in the morning. Because phentermine is a powerful amphetamine taking even small doses of the drug taken any time near the evening can interrupt your sleep patterns and cause insomnia. Because of this many forms of phentermine are now prescribed in doses of 15mg to 37.5mg taken first thing in the morning, either right before breakfast or no more than two hours after breakfast.

Doses for children usually mirror the same as doses for adults. Due to the strength of the drug it’s generally much harder to receive a prescription for children than it is for adults. More often than not doctors won’t even prescribe phentermine to children aged 16 years or younger.


The Two Types of Phentermine Doses

Finally it’s important to remember that there are two levels of doses to your prescription- both the size of your dosage, and how long you take the drug for. In general phentermine was developed to be safe and effective for short periods of usage, a few weeks at a time. Not only is the drug potentially dangerous and habit forming when taken for long periods of time, but the effectiveness of the drug also wanes and decreases the longer you take it. Many people have taken phentermine for extended periods of time, but always incorporating cycling on and off and never straight through.


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