Privacy Policy is devoted to your privacy.

Statistics does collect statistics on visitors that include but aren’t limited to information on where you arrived from, how you found, the volume of visitors we’ve received, the length of your stay on our website, what pages you visited on our website, and other information useful for maintaining and improving

All statistical information taken and monitored is done purely to improve the site and your experience with it, and general statistical information is only shared with third party sources to better enhance their relationship with our website’s users.

We are the only owners of this information, and we do not sell it to any third party sources.

Cookies does utilize cookies to better improve your experience with our site. A cookie is nothing more than a text file saved to your computer to assist with our record keeping and to personalize your experience with the site. The cookies that we save are not linked to any information that could be considered personally identifying, keeping them largely anonymous.

Most of the cookies we save on this site revolve around getting information that helps us respond quickly and accurately to user complaints and concerns.

We do not share any email or messaging information with any third party sources, aside from law enforcement agencies to aid in investigations if requested.

Overall our website meets the conventional security and anonymity standards set forth by the modern website conventions.


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