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    Phentermine375.net About Us Phentermine375.net is devoted to not only providing you with all of the accurate and up to date information that you might…

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    Frequently asked questions.   What Should I Do if I Miss a Dose of Phentermine? If you miss a dose of phentermine than you need to take the dose as…

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    August 21, 2010, 18:34

    Phen375 Video Testimonials. One Video Worth 10,000 Pics! Phen375 VS. Phentermine Knowing Phentermine History …

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    Phentermine375.net Privacy Policy Phentermine375.net is devoted to your privacy. Statistics Phentermine375.net does collect statistics on visitors…

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    This page contains the site table of contents. Use it to quickly find content on this website.

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    Terms of Use for Phentermine375.net Phentermine375.net is created, updated and maintained to help educate and provide an important service for our readers.…

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  • Category: Exercises to Lose Weight  (4)

    Lose weight exercises, weight loss exercising tips, exercise to lose weight.

    • 6 Ways to get a sexy tummy by: Admin

      June 9, 2011, 09:38

      There are few people in the world who are not interested in getting that picture perfect sexy tummy! If you have been contemplating how to begin this weight…

    • Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat by: Admin

      August 5, 2011, 14:27

      It is important to acknowledge that belly fat can be the most stubborn form of excess fat to lose. Men and women alike struggle with this common problem area…

    • Exercise to lose belly fat by: Admin

      June 17, 2011, 12:14

      The truth about abdominal training is that it requires a great deal of imagination. It does not take long to become bored with your traditional crunches and…

    • Fat burning exercises by: Admin

      June 9, 2011, 10:23

      If you are ready to change your life and get rid of that unwanted fat we have the top fat burning exercises that can help you reach this goal. Although…

  • Category: Phen375  (1)
  • Category: Phentermine  (13)
    • All About Fen Phen by: Admin

      April 6, 2012, 14:43

      Fen Phen was, at one time, touted as a miraculous diet pill. It could help people shed unwanted pounds quickly and easily, but was eventually discovered to…

    • How Does Phentermine Work? by: Admin

      February 18, 2010, 10:10

      While there are plenty of people out there aware of the weight loss drug phentermine, and while most of those people probably have a good idea that phentermine…

    • How Should I Take Phentermine? by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 20:02

      Phentermine is a powerful and effective drug, and like all drugs it needs to be taken responsibly and in strict accordance with the instructions you receive…

    • Is Phentermine Safe to Use? by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 18:47

      It’s inarguable at this point that the weight loss drug phentermine is effective. The drug was first approved by the FDA in the 1950’s, and since then has…

    • Phentermine Alternatives by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 20:32

      While Phentermine is an incredibly powerful weight loss drug, not everyone wants to take it and there are plenty of people who actually can’t take it. These…

    • Phentermine Dosing Information by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 20:20

      Like all controlled substances, phentermine is powerful and potentially dangerous if taken in the wrong dosage. Taking too little of the drug can result in a…

    • Phentermine Warning! by: Admin

      February 18, 2010, 10:44

      Do not take phentermine in the event that you have used an MAO inhibitor, for example isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), rasagiline (Azilect),…

    • Phentermine without Prescription by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 21:00

      Since it was first recognized phentermine has been a prescription drug since it was first approved by the FDA over five decades ago. The reason why the drug is…

    • Types of Phentermine by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 19:12

      The name phentermine doesn’t refer to any one specific drug. Instead, the name is shorthand for the phenyl-tertiary-butylamine drug. There are a lot of…

    • What is Amphetamine? by: Admin

      August 25, 2012, 12:51

      Everything you wanted to know about amphetamine Introduction This synthetic drug was first introduced in the year 1800s by the Roman chemist. It proved to be…

    • What is Phentermine by: Admin

      February 18, 2010, 09:34

      Phentermine is prescription only weight loss drug. It is a stimulant which is similar to an amphetamine. It's an appetite suppressant that has an effect on the…

    • What is Phentermine HCL? by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 19:28

      Phentermine is one of the most prescribed weight loss ingredients on the market, with some research estimating a full 50% of all weight loss prescriptions…

    • Who Can Take Phentermine? by: Admin

      June 21, 2011, 19:44

      Even though it’s the most widely prescribed weight loss drug on the market, phentermine isn’t for everyone. Millions of people have been able to lose…

  • Category: Phentermine and Interactions  (5)

    Phentermine and interactions, diseases, drugs, etc.

    • Phentermine and Citalopram can be Fatal by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 12:29

      Phentermine and citalopram in combination can increase the serotonin levels in the body. So I will advise that you must try taking the drug only on prescription…

    • Phentermine and Drug Test by: Admin

      April 10, 2012, 15:16

      Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance under the United States Controlled Substances Act. This means that it has some potential for abuse, which can…

    • Phentermine and Fluoxetine for Dieting by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 12:42

      Diet and exercise are together essential for the management of weight. Phentermine is a prescription drug that is given by doctors for losing weight and…

    • Phentermine and Prozac by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 13:27

      First, you should know about phentermine. Well it is a type of drug, which deduces your desire for food. In way affecting the central nervous system. However,…

    • Phentermine and Warfarin by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 12:56

      Phentermine and warfarin are two drugs that are very common in the market. Phentermine is given to patients who have a high BMI where as people with cardiovascu…

  • Category: Phentermine and Side Effects  (3)

    All info about Phentermine drugs and side effects

    • More about Phentermine and Insomnia by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 13:49

      Phentermine is used usually for supplementing weight loss programs as it works as an appetite suppressing content. It is therefore very casually taken by…

    • Phentermine and Fertility: Are They Related? by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 13:37

      Phentermine is a very potent drug given under certain clinical conditions. It is seen that people who have not been able to reduce weight with the other…

    • Phentermine Side Effects by: Admin

      February 18, 2010, 11:00

      Phentermine is a drug that’s not without its controversies. The worst of these came about a number of years ago when the drug received a lot of bad press due…

  • Category: Phentermine Brands  (7)

    Phentermine types and brands, phentermine marketing brandnames.

    • Diethylpropion or Amfepramone by: Admin

      September 1, 2012, 14:02

      A complete overview Health is the most precious gift in one's life. You should always endeavor to take care of your health and take all safety measures to…

    • What is Adipex-P? by: Admin

      June 22, 2011, 08:43

      You’ll be hard pressed to find a more popular or more effective weight loss drug out there these days than phentermine, and of all the phentermine medications…

    • What is Adiphene? by: Admin

      August 22, 2012, 10:28

      Adiphene (India) is a diet pill that comes from the same family of obesity reducers such as Phentermine and Adipex. However, this drug is said to be manufacture…

    • What is Bontril? by: Admin

      March 23, 2012, 17:58

      Bontril is one of the brand names for phendimetrazine, a prescription diet aid. It acts as a sympathomimetic amine appetite suppressant, similar to drugs like…

    • What is Duromine? by: Admin

      June 22, 2011, 08:31

      If you need to lose a significant amount of weight, and if you’ve already begun to implement the basics for healthy weight loss (including changing your diet…

    • What is Herbal Phentermine? by: Admin

      March 24, 2012, 11:37

      Herbal phentermine is a natural alternative to prescription-only phentermine. Because it is herbal and all-natural, this diet aid is rapidly becoming popular…

    • What is Ionamin? by: Admin

      June 22, 2011, 08:26

      There are a lot of different weight loss medications out there, but none are as popular or have shown themselves to be as effective as medications based in the…

  • Category: Weight Loss Tips  (6)
    • 5 Fat Burning Foods by: Admin

      August 5, 2011, 14:19

      As you may have already found out, pre-packaged diet foods can be hard to choke down. What you may not know is that there is great tasting diet food on the…

    • Drinking water to lose weight by: Admin

      September 8, 2010, 20:19

      Almost everyone know and understand that is essential for our wellbeing and it is essential to try to drink a target of 6-8 glasses per day which is the…

    • Getting in shape this summer by: Admin

      June 5, 2011, 16:45

      If you have looked into the mirror and decided it is time to get into shape for that upcoming swimsuit season there are many different fitness avenues at your…

    • How to Burn Fat by: Admin

      August 5, 2011, 14:43

      Motivation is one of the biggest keys to weight loss today; it can make or break your weight loss goals. Whether you are working in pairs, with a group or…

    • How to lose belly fat by: Admin

      June 9, 2011, 10:00

      Are you ready to lose that unwanted belly fat for good? You are about to embark on a journey that is not only going to help you lose that unwanted fat on your…

    • Why am I not losing weight? by: Admin

      May 25, 2011, 10:37

      If you have been trying to lose weight with no results, we can help you find the problems. Read our tips and find the answer why are you not losing weight.

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