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Phentermine375.net is created, updated and maintained to help educate and provide an important service for our readers. By using our website you agree that you are bound to the following terms of use. Read through them thoroughly to understand your liability with any information you read on this site. If you aren’t able to agree to following and accenting to these terms of use than you should not continue to use Phentermine375.net and you will not hold Phentermine375.net liable or responsible.


By agreeing to these terms of use you agree that this is the only agreement between you and our site. We may change these agreements at any time without having to specifically notify you or any of our readers.


All materials on this site are copyright Phentermine375.net unless otherwise stated or are clearly the copyright of others (for example names and logos of drugs and drug companies). In the case of using other individuals’ copyright materials it is solely for the purpose of reference or education and is not through an attempt to threaten or co-opt that copyright material.

You are not allowed to copy, redistribute, utilize or publish any material from this website without explicit permission from the owners of Phentermine375.net .

Right of Use

Your rights to use this website and the materials herein are limited to reading, viewing, printing and downloading any materials from this site solely for your own personal usage.

None of the material on this site may be reproduced, utilized on other websites or other pieces of media, or otherwise utilized for public or commercial reasons without the explicit agreement of the owners of Phentermine375.net .

Submitted Materials

You agree that any materials submitted to Phentermine375.net will immediately fall under the ownership and copyright of the owners of Phentermine375.net , and you recognize that the owners of Phentermine375.net have no control over the materials which are submitted to them.


You agree by using this site that Phentermine375.net and anyone affiliated with Phentermine375.net are not responsible for any outcomes, losses, damages, liabilities, expenses or costs at all of any nature that may occur to you from using this site, from materials and information found on this site. We hold no liability for anything you believe may or may not have occurred due to your involvement or usage of our site.

Likewise you are solely responsible for any minors whom are under your guardianship, jurisdiction, or whom you are otherwise responsible for in regards to their usage of this site.

Third Parties

We offer access to third party services and products and website through Phentermine375.net . We hold no responsibility or liability for anything that may occur between you and any third party providers that you find, come in contact to or enter into relationship with due through our website.

Likewise we are not responsible for anything you come in contact with on a third party site you arrive at through our Phentermine375.net .


Any payment information you offer is, to the best of your knowledge, complete and accurate, and entirely your responsibility.


Phentermine375.net may, at any time and for any reason, terminate this agreement with any of our users.


Phentermine375.net does not provide professional medical information and does not purport to. You should always receive medical advice from your professional medical practitioner and you should not delay in reaching that practitioner from anything you’ve read on Phentermine375.net .

We hold no liability for anything you may or may not do due to information you’ve received from our website.


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