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Types of Phentermine

Types of Phentermine

The name phentermine doesn’t refer to any one specific drug. Instead, the name is shorthand for the phenyl-tertiary-butylamine drug. There are a lot of different phentermine based drugs on the market, and the difference between these drugs is often one of dosage and other supporting and active materials included within them. While you’ll often just hear people talk about taking phentermine or “phen” for short, it’s important you do your research and understand your options when it comes to dosing yourself with this potent weight loss drug.



adipex-pSome of the most common and popular phentermine drugs on the market come from Gate Pharmaceuticals and are distributed under the banner Adipex-P. Adipex comes in 37.5 mg doses and uses the imprint codes Adipex-P 99 and Adipex-P 37.5.




obenix pillsAnother popular phentermine supplier is Jones Pharma, which produces the drug Obenix. Like most phentermine based drugs Obenix supplies you with a 37.5 mg dose of the drug. Obenix uses the imprint code Abana 217.




duromineDuromine comes in a white and rust-red colored pill and is available in three different strength levels- 15mg, 30mg and 40mg. The capsules generally come with a month’s supply of thirty at a time, though they are only available in Australia and New Zealand. This phentermine drug is manufactured by 3M and goes by a number of different imprints, largely depending on the size of the dose (AUST R 10941, AUST R 76680, and AUST R 10942).



ionaminThis phentermine drug is produced by Celltech Pharmaceuticals and comes in two different levels of strength- 15mg and 30mg. Both doses are primarily composed of phentermine, though they also contain binding agents and artificial coloring on their capsules. These drugs come in a distinct yellow and grey (for the 15mg doses) or completely yellow (for the 30mg doses) capsules.


Generic Phentermine

diet pillsIt’s also possible to just get generic phentermine from a wide variety of different manufacturers. These include Actavis (imprint code R 316), URL Pharma (imprint code MP 273), Qualitest Pharmaceuticals (imprint codes 50, 30, and A 159), Purepac Pharmaceutical Company (imprint code R 316), KVK Tech (imprint codes K 25 and K29), Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories (imprint code 504), and Lannett Company Inc (imprint codes LAN 1317 and LCI 1445). All of the above administer phentermine in a 37.5 mg dose.

In general the generic suppliers of phentermine all pretty much provide you with very similar drugs at the same exact dosage. Some people notice no difference with generic drugs but find success with brand name phentermine drugs like Adipex.


Phentermine Alternatives

Many people also choose to use over-the-counter phentermine alternatives instead of prescription based phentermine drugs. These drugs combine the appetite suppressing qualities of phentermine with a number of other healthy weight promoting factors. If you’re going to use a phentermine based drug it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor about it first, even if you’re going to use an over-the-counter alternative, to make sure you are fully educated on the potential risks and reasonable expectations before you begin taking your drug of choice.



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