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What is Adiphene?

What is Adiphene?

Adiphene (India) is a diet pill that comes from the same family of obesity reducers such as Phentermine and Adipex. However, this drug is said to be manufactured differently. Unlike most of the other Phentermine obesity reducers, Adiphene is not classified as controlled substance which is why it can be obtained without prescription. As such, the side effects observed in other controlled substances are seen minimal during the treatment of obesity reduction by taking off Adiphene. Moreover, Adiphene not containing Methamphetamine makes a safer alternative to be taken for reducing obesity. However, Adiphene is indicated to be highly effective and a relatively safer solution for losing weight. Approved by FDA, Adiphene is the new trusted obesity reducer in this new age.

Adiphene Claims

Adiphene promises to not only burn fat and suppress appetite, but also provide increased metabolism in the patients taking it. Adiphene is popular to have enabled people losing 4 to 7 pounds per week. Manufactured under FDA supervision, and also of it being relatively cost effective as compared with some other obesity reducers, Adiphene is recognized as an effective alternative to arrest obesity and reduce fat.

Caution in Taking Adiphene

As such, Adiphene has minimal side effects as compared to other obesity reducers from the family of Phentermine and Adipex. However, Adiphene is not completely devoid of any side effects. Certain patients having allergic reactions and past history of metabolism problems have been suggested to refrain from the intake of Adiphene. People who have experienced hardening of the arteries or Coronary Arterial Stenosis should refrain from taking Adiphene. Likewise, those with heart diseases, or who suffer from severe hypertension, should not take Adiphene. Also, Adiphene is a restricted obesity solution for those who suffer or have suffered from Hyperthyroidism or ailment of overactive thyroid. Moreover, those who have had a past history of alcohol and drug abuse, or have known to be allergic to other stimulants, cold medications, amphetamines, or any other diet pills are said to avoid being administered with Adiphene. Similarly, individuals suffering from Glaucoma will have to avoid this obesity reducing drug.

How Adiphene should be Taken

It is advisable to take the help of a medical practitioner before the start of the treatment involving administering of Adiphene. Like all other drugs belonging to the Phentermine family, Adiphene is essentially a short term drug which could help in reducing obesity to a great extent. However, if one wants to increase the time frame over and above of the period as prescribed by the medical practitioner, then it should be done so only under strict monitoring by the doctor. Adiphene should be stored at room temperature away from excess moisture.


As a precautionary measure, Adiphene should be avoided by a pregnant woman, or any breastfeeding women. Adiphene should not be taken by children younger than 18 years old. Other than this, Adiphene has virtually minimal or no side effects, and is looking at the new age optimal solution to lose fat and obesity.[divider scroll_text=”Back to Top”]

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