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What is Amphetamine?

What is Amphetamine?

Everything you wanted to know about amphetamine


This synthetic drug was first introduced in the year 1800s by the Roman chemist. It proved to be an effective appetite suppressant and hence it is used for dieting. Amphetamine also has a great number of uses in clinical research. It has been proven and established that it is used for appetite suppressants.

Uses of Amphetamine

Amphetamine has been used for treating hyperactivity disorders and also for treating narcolepsy. The ingredient present in this is also effective in keeping people active and attentive; hence it was used by pilots. However, these can be taken only under stringent medical supervision.

Overdose of Amphetamine

All info about amphetamine drugsIt is important to bear in mind that over dosage of amphetamine may cause ecstasy, a feeling of high and euphoria. This is why many sportspersons overdo the usage and they are disqualified by the authorities. When amphetamine mixes with the blood, it gives a kick and there is an instant build up of energy. However, it may lead to side effects in the long run. It could lead to paranoid psychosis, mood related problems and also insomnia. People with high blood pressure levels should refrain from taking this medicine or should take it only under medical supervision. However, once they are used to a specific dosage, they gradually increase it and it may lead to problems at a later date.

Psych Stimulator Effect of Amphetamines

Amphetamines are used in drugs and if overused it causes a surge in the dopamine and noradrenaline levels which helps in improved focus, concentration and alertness. There is a surge in the energy levels. The side effects include loss of appetite and no pangs of hunger absolutely. The individual may also experience sleeplessness and will not feel tired at all.

Treatment of Health Problems

Amphetamine is used for treating disorders like ADHD which is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, patients who feel too tired and also patients who have undergone brain injury. It is generally not given out with a prescription and prolonged use of this medicine may also cause brain related problems and illnesses.

Addiction to Amphetamine

Amphetamine is quite addictive in nature, considering it gives immediate relief and energy. However, prolonged usage is sure to have some effects and the initial dosage of amphetamine may cause side effects like dizziness, dilated pupils, tiredness, anorexia, no hunger, headache, restlessness, hyperactivity and so on. These may be short term effects however they can surely cause problems in the long run. Hence, it is important to identify a physician who would be able to advise you on the right dosage and whether you really should go in for amphetamine on a regular basis.

Long Term Dangerous Effects

Long term dangerous effects of amphetamine are cardio vascular problems, schizophrenia, and psychosis, cognitive and psychiatric disorders. It is said that people with heart problems should refrain from overdoing this medicine as many people have proven to have hallucinations after taking this medication. Suicidal ideas, increase in the excitement and anxiety related disorders are the long term effects. Hence, it is advised to take the medication in a small amount so as to avoid any drug abuse.[divider scroll_text=”Back to Top”]

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