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What is Duromine?

What is Duromine?

duromineIf you need to lose a significant amount of weight, and if you’ve already begun to implement the basics for healthy weight loss (including changing your diet and incorporating regular exercise into your life) than you could be a good candidate for some sort of weight loss medication. One of the more popular and effective of these medications is one called Duromine, a phentermine based drug that helps you lose weight by eliciting neurotransmitters that suppress your appetite. If you’re interested in Duromine than it’s a good idea to read on and learn more about this effective drug.


Duromine and Phentermine

Duromine is one of the top phentermine based drugs on the market, though its distribution is limited to Australia and New Zealand. The drug is manufactured by 3M and is composed of phentermine (the active ingredient), lactosevliquid paraffin, magnesium stearate, gelatin, titanium dioxide, and artificial coloring. While the active ingredient phentermine is the source of the drug’s weight loss effects, it’s also the source of the drug’s many potential side effects.


Duromine’s an Amphetamine

Phentermine is a powerful amphetamine, and as such it carries with it a lot of warnings. It is a potentially habit forming drug that shouldn’t be taken by individuals with past histories of substance abuse. This is exacerbated by the fact that Duromine is generally prescribed for relatively short stretches of time (weeks as opposed to months or years). Duromine also may produce feelings of restlessness and too much energy, troubles both breathing and sleeping, swelling in the extremeties, unpleasant tastes and dry mouth, problems with your sex drive including impotence, stomach problems, and mental issues such as psychosis or hallucination.


Who Gets Duromine

Duromine is generally prescribed to individuals who have a BMI of at least 30. In some cases individuals with a BMI of as low as 27 are prescribed the drug, provided they also suffer from high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. Doctors are also only likely to prescribe Duromine to individuals who are already undertaking significant efforts to lose weight on their own- including through dietary changes, the inclusion of exercise, and other positive and healthy behavioral changes. Duromine works by eliciting the release of neurotransmitters in your life that bring out a controlled form of your fight or flight reflex, and as such causes appetite suppression. Appetite suppression is often powerful enough to lead to weight loss on its own, but it works better as a supplement to other weight loss habits.


Does Duromine Work?

Overall Duromine is a powerful weight loss drug that’s been proven effective with a wide variety of patients over the years. Many people, however, prefer to not use a drug that’s so potentially dangerous and which carries so many potentially serious sound effects. For those people phentermine alternatives usually pose the best option. These alternatives are often just as powerful and effective as phentermine but with added positive weight loss effects and with none of the negative side effects. While it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor if you’re interested in Duromine.


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