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What is Herbal Phentermine?

What is Herbal Phentermine?

Herbal phentermine is a natural alternative to prescription-only phentermine. Because it is herbal and all-natural, this diet aid is rapidly becoming popular among people for whom diet and exercise alone don’t work.

Rather than being a hypothalamus-stimulating chemical, herbal phentermine is made of a specific blend of herbal ingredients, vitamins, and amino acids. These help produce similar effects to regular phentermine, in a safer, gentler fashion.


Benefits of Herbal Phentermine

There are several benefits to using herbal phentermine versus conventional phentermine:

  • Phentermine is a Schedule IV controlled substance. This means it is not available without a prescription. Herbal phentermine is not subject to the same restrictions as regular phentermine, so it is available without a doctor’s approval.
  • Phentermine has the potential to produce side effects ranging from an inability to sleep, to potentially lethal pulmonary hypertension. Herbal phentermine is all natural, and carefully formulated to produce little to no side effects.
  • Prescription phentermine is expensive. Not only do you have to pay for the drug, you have to cover the cost of a doctor’s visit, and several repeat visits so your health and weight can be monitored. Herbal phentermine doesn’t require doctor’s visits, so the overall cost in the long run is much lower.
  • Phentermine has some potential for abuse, and can produce unpleasant withdrawal symptoms when it is discontinued. This is not the case with herbal phentermine.
  • Phentermine has a similar pharmacology to amphetamines, and can cause a false positive result in certain types of drug test. Herbal phentermine does not.
  • Herbal phentermine can be easily purchased online, or from reputable supplement retailers. Phentermine is only available through a pharmacy.


Ingredients in Herbal Phentermine

green tea phentermineHerbal phentermine contains green tea extract, l-carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid, black tea, black pepper, and biotin. Green tea, black tea, and black pepper are all food ingredients, which help stimulate your metabolism. L-carnitine is an amino acid that promotes energy production within cells. Alpha-lipoic acid is the synthetic form of lipoic acid, and helps balance blood sugar levels to suppress cravings and hunger pangs. Biotin is vitamin B7, and helps convert sugar to energy.


Effectiveness of Herbal Phentermine

Herbal phentermine is as effective as phentermine when combined with a good diet and exercise plan. It helps suppress your appetite just like regular phentermine does, which leads you to consume fewer calories throughout the day, and boosts your metabolism, which helps you burn extra calories. When you burn more calories than you consume, you lose weight.


Herbal Phentermine Side Effects

Herbal phentermine has less potential to produce unwanted side effects than regular phentermine does. That said, it can still produce side effects in certain people. These are usually mild, and include things like:

  • Stomach cramps or gas.
  • Insomnia.
  • Headaches.
  • Allergic reactions.

To reduce your risk of side effects with herbal phentermine, it’s important to always take the recommended dose. You should not combine herbal phentermine with other weight loss pills, or take more than the label recommends. You also should not take herbal phentermine if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in it.


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