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What is Ionamin?

What is Ionamin?

ionaminThere are a lot of different weight loss medications out there, but none are as popular or have shown themselves to be as effective as medications based in the drug phentermine. One of the more popular medications that utilizes phentermine are the little yellow capsules called Ionamin. If you’re looking for an effective and relatively safe weight loss medication than Ionamin might be just what you need. Read on and learn a little but more about this drug, and decide whether it’s right for you.


How Does Ionamin Work?

Ionamin is manufactured by Celltech Pharmaceuticals Inc and is composed of a number of ingredients, including artificial coloring, dibasic calcium phosphate, gelatin and magnesium stearate, and titanium dioxide. Ionamin works due to its active ingredient of phentermine, a legal amphetamine that has been proven effective in producing substantial weight loss among patients for over five decades. The drug was first approved by the FDA in 1959, and works by eliciting the ‘fight or flight’ response within users. This controlled response effectively works as an appetite suppressant, which is where most of the weight loss benefits of phentermine come from.


Who is Ionamin Good For?

Generally speaking Ionamin is prescribed to patients who are extremely overweight as a support and accelerator of other healthy lifestyle changes, such as dieting and exercising. Most doctors will not prescribe Ionamin or any phentermine medication unless a patient has already proven that they’re making healthy changes to their life, and if they test for a BMI of at least 30. Lower BMI scores may qualify for an Ionamin prescription provided there are other negative health markers present, such as diabetes. Ionamin is intended to be prescribed and used for short term weight lose, generally not for more than a few weeks, and isn’t appropriate for children, for pregnant women, or for the elderly.


What Side Effects Does Ionamin Produce?

Ionamin also features a number of side effects which individuals need to consult with their doctors over. These side effects may include jitteriness or restlessness, problems with breathing and irregular heart rates, troubles sleeping, blood pressure increases, dry mouth or a bad taste forming without cause in your mouth, changes in your sex drive, bowel problems, and potential psychological problems up to psychosis or hallucination. While these side effects may not be particularly common, it’s important you discuss them with your doctor when asking for a prescription.

This medication, being an amphetamine, is also habit forming and has a number of negative drug interactions. The most notable of these is the drug fenfluramine, which was often combined in the 90’s with phentermine to create the effective weight loss cocktail Phen-fen. This practice, though effective, was discontinued after numerous serious health defects were reported in users of the two drugs at the same time.


Is Ionamin a Good Choice?

Ionamin has a solid history of success, helping patients lose over 50 pounds each, seemingly without much effort on the part of those patients. For patients looking to lose weight with medications that mimic the effects of phentermine with less negative side effects brought about by the drug, there are a number of useful alternatives out on the market these days which are so safe they don’t even require a doctor’s prescription to purchase and use, but anyhow talk to your doctor before purchase it.


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