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Why am I not losing weight?

Why am I not losing weight?

There is nothing more frustrating than the lack of results when it comes to your weight loss journey. If you have been trying to lose weight with no results, we can help you find the problems within your workout program as well as your lifestyle that may be holding you back. Many people believe that if they workout they should see weight loss results but there is much more to weight loss than this and when other aspects are overlooked, little to no results will be seen.

why not lose weightOne of the first and biggest pitfalls men and women find themselves in is the fad diet cycle. Fad diets in many cases provide quick results but these results are more times than not short term. With this being said, it is important to understand that fad diets do not have the capability to help you lose weight for the long term, they are quick fixes only. Once you get addicted to the fad diet cycle it can be quite difficult to break out of but it is not impossible and once you do you will see just how damaging these diets can be.

If fad diets are not a part of your lifestyle your weight loss issues may be due to a lack of motivation. No matter how much weight you are trying to lose, there is nothing more important than having a support team behind you to keep you on track and motivated. As you progress through your weight loss journey keep track and pay attention to the small accomplishments, don’t dismiss them because they are not big enough, every accomplishment is worth celebrating and this can help boost your motivation at the same time.

As you decide to change your lifestyle, your family must change their lifestyle as well. It can be incredibly difficult to eat healthy and avoid junk food when they are within the home and for many people this can be the ultimate downfall. With even just one bag of chips in the house you can quickly put away the carrots and lean towards the chips and all your hard work will have gone to waste. This is how delicate the weight loss cycle can be.

Take a good look at your current lifestyle and search for any of the pitfalls mentioned here, when you find them change them as soon as possible. With these changes made you will begin to see more pounds lost once again.


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